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Welcome to Vegan Murcia!

It’s really nice to have you here. If you are looking for some delicious vegan food, vegan or vegetarian restaurants or vegan info about Murcia you are in the right place. We are a local independent collective and We’ve prepared you all the info you need to know to enjoy Murcia in a cruelty-free way. Without further due, we wish you an awesome stay.

Vegan restaurants in Murcia

If you want to know where to eat vegan in Murcia, you’re in the correct place right now. We have prepared a list of all the vegan restaurants in Murcia with short descriptions of each one for you to know their gastronomic specialities and the kind of food they offer. From vietnamese food to Beyond meat burgers.

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Vegetarian restaurants in Murcia

Are you searching for vegan restaurants in Murcia? We have prepared a list with all the vegetarian restaurants in Murcia with short descriptions of each one for you to choose the one that suits perfectly with your lifestyle.

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Vegan map murcia

Vegan map of Murcia

Find out where to eat vegan and buy vegan products in Murcia. Wander through the different categories of the map: places 100 % vegan, vegetarian places with vegan options and traditional restaurants with vegan options. We have you covered!

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Thanks a lot for beeing here, we hope this information helped you. If you need more specific info our you miss any type of content here, please let us know through our email or our Facebook page and Instagram account.

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